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Yes you can!

I know what you're thinking......."I don't need images of myself, what will I do with them? I don't look like the girls in your images, my body is not like that. I don't look good in pictures. I don't like my arms, they are too big. I don't like my tummy it sticks out too much". Believe me we have heard it ALL. But all those thoughts and objections we hear are untrue. You don't have to BE anything to have images like these. All you have to do is show up to a scheduled session and let us get to work.

It is not up to you to look good for your images or to know how to move. It is my job as your photographer to help you move, to put you in the right poses and to give you the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself and I CAN do that. We will make a day for you with a makeover and a shoot that will make you feel like you are going in a magazine.

Who wouldn't want this kind of image of themselves? I would! These images will outlast you and me and one day, years from now they could possibly be all that one of your loved ones has of you. I lost my dad at a young age and I wish I had a great image of him but all I have are a few snapshots. You need to exist in photos, not just for you but for you children, spouse and friends.

You deserve this, let us do this for you!

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