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2018 Fort Smith Women in Business No. 1 / Colquitt Bath Co.

We at Picture Perfect Photography, are one of many businesses in the Fort Smith and Van Buren, Arkansas area, owned and operated by women. As we have worked toward growing our business I had the grand idea to use our blog and media skills to showcase other businesses in our area also owned by some fabulous women!

Colquitt Bath Co. was the first one that came to my mind. I have been buying and using their soap exclusively at my home for almost a year now and I absolutely love it! Their awesome Charcoal soap has worked wonders for my daughter's break outs, she won't go without it.

Colquitt Bath Co. is located in Greenpointe Shopping Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This fabulous handmade artisan soap boutique is owned and operated by the beautiful and sweet Trina Colquitt. When you walk into this cute shop the smell is to die for. It truly is a party for your sense of smell. This is Colquitt's second location, Trina started her business journey in 2011 in a small location in Barling, Arkansas.

At that time Trina said she had been struggling with Adult Acne which began in her late 30's. When she first started, her goal was to find a more natural remedy for her own acne, instead of the chemical treatments that had been prescribed to her. In her search, the remedy she found just so happened to be one she created for herself and ended up turning that into a business!

So in 2011 she read every book on hand crafted soap and attended her first Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild Conference, and she said, "I basically taught myself how to make cold process soap and other goodies for the skin".

During her business journey Trina says her husband has been one of her biggest supports and cheerleaders. When she's been down and stressed he helped to prop her up and push her on toward her business ownership dream.

Trina says "this business ownership ride as been a wild one. It has been an enormous amount of work. The original path has changed its course, over time the business has beautifully evolved from the beginning into something bigger and so much better. Trina says, "I can honestly say I love the business as I would my own child, I created it, I've nurtured it, I've protected it. Its success really means a lot to me and I am very passionate about its continued growth into the future".

Ashley Dooley has been a part of the Colquitt team since its beginnings in Barling. She has been an excellent help and right hand to Trina in this soap business journey. When I asked Trina about what makes her the most proud in her journey she says "7 YEARS BABY!!! There have been so many things I have learned owning my own business, and being right here on the 'front lines' of it. No one can tell you, no book can teach you, you must experience it, you must live it. So I'm proud I've made it this far!"

This gorgeous little shop offers handcrafted skincare of ALL kinds, Artisan soaps, sugar scrubs, lotion, and bath bombs just to start! If you haven't visited this gorgeous soap shop, you definitely should! And if on-line is your thing, yep they have that too just click HERE for the link. What are you waiting for?!

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