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Had to share.....

Have you ever felt like you are not enough? Have you ever felt less than or like you are not everything you want to be? Well, we all have but I want to tell you, YOU ARE EVERYTHING! We as women tend to demean ourselves. We see someone and think "they have it so much better than me". The thing is, most every woman has these thoughts and maybe looks at you and thinks that as well.

We can age, husbands can leave, kids grow older and go out on their own but in each stage of our lives each of us IS enough. Ms. C here has had those thoughts. She has had her share of the bad that life sometimes has to offer. She came to see us feeling dejected and sad. She needed a lift in her spirits. She needed to feel good about herself again.

Guess what? THAT is our super power!

You ARE beautiful and you ARE enough, more than enough!

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