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"I Don't Look Like That!"

Listen, after being in the business of photographing women of all ages for over 8 years, I've heard it all before. "I don't look like those ladies you have on your website", um yes you do! "I have gained too much weight to get a good photo", um again, not true! "My body doesn't have that perfect shape", I say, girl IT DOESN'T MATTER! "I have never had a picture taken of me that I liked", well you just haven't used the right photographer!

I love photographing women at any age! I have worked hard on my lighting and posing to be able to work with any body type I have in front of me. I can put you in the perfect position for your body and give you the priceless gift of an image of you that you will love ♥

I don't believe in being 'photogenic', it is your photographer's job to make you beautiful in any image. That's what I can do. I serve my clients with fully guided, head-to-toe posing, including facial expression. I strive to get the best out of my subjects, and I kind of make you work for it. On most occasions clients tell me after their session they are a bit sore, but that's okay, no pain no gain right?!

My business model is to serve my clients to the best of my ability. I am always learning so my ability gets better and better. I want every woman I meet to feel beautiful. I want them to know they are beautiful in the eyes of loved ones and me. The images I create are THE picture I see of each person that gets in front of my camera. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I want YOU to be the beholder of YOUR own beauty!

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