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Lisa Schwerin gains Associate Level Photographer

As a part of my continued creative growth, I frequently submit images for awards and accreditation through The Portrait Masters.

This is a competition and educational opportunity offered to members of the photographer community. Once an image is submitted it is then judged separately by 5 award winning International Judges, then the scores are combined for an overall average.

Images that score a 70 or better are given a bronze merit for meeting the professional standard for a portrait image. A score of 75-79 merits a bronze with distinction award. An 80-89 is a Silver and then Gold is 90 and above. Additional merits are given for higher scores as well as best-in category and grand champion winners.

But one of the overall attributes is to become and accredited portrait photographer. I reached this mile stone last year and I could not be happier about it. I continue to work towards my next goal of a Silver merit.

But above all, meaning more to me than anything else, is the experience and images I am able to serve my clients with. Each client is a new challenge to me to give them the experience, the images and the uplifted feeling everyone has when they leave our sessions. Nothing gives me a better feeling!

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