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Special VIP Offer

As I continue to learn my craft, I have new setup ideas and I need new images that I am able to use for my website and other marketing needs.


This is, understandably, not always easy to achieve with my clients for boudoir. So I want to give a special offer for the full session experience to a few clients that are willing to let me share some or even all of their images!


You can book a future session but must book your date during the month of March and April. There is a $500 booking fee due to book and you will get a $1000 gift voucher which gives you $1500 towards a collection at your session. It's a win, win! You get a great offer and I get great images for marketing♥

Product banner.jpg

Apply for this offer

Thanks for applying for this offer! You will be contacted soon with a decision via text/email!

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